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Mara Siana is a small upscale camp in the newly formed Ripoi Conservancy (formerly Olarro South), a stunning undiscovered area outside the Masai Mara National Reserve. We are 50% Masai and 50% female owned. Six double ensuite tents – four kings and two twins. Two family tents with two bedrooms and two bathrooms each.

“Big Seven” game viewing with three wild dog dens within the conservancy and a healthy cheetah population as well as year round non-migrating wildebeest. We also, on occasion, see striped hyena and pangolin. There are 19,100 acres of private conservancy land for the exclusive use of the three small camps.

We have world-class directors/guides with over 75 years of guiding/management experience. Jackson Looseyia, one of Africa’s top 15 legendary guides and co-star of Big Cat Tales, is the driving force behind this project.  

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Mara Siana




About Mara Ropoi

Mara Ripoi was officially formed Feb 15, 2023 with Mara Siana being a founding member of the conservancy.  It is a new conservancy created to expand the protected land for wildlife.  It is leased from the local Maasai community for the purpose of conservation.  This land will now be patrolled and preserved for wildlife. There will be 22 full time rangers hired locally expanding employment to the local community. The conservancy is 19,100 acres which allows about 700 protected acres per tent. There are only 3 small camps located within this conservancy for exclusive use with no other tourist vehicles allowed in the conservancy. It is a perfect place to avoid the crowds and have amazing year round wildlife viewing

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